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Whether the owner of a single private car or commercial purpose truck or a fleet of vehicles or even movable and or portable equipment, all become apprehensive about safety the moment it hits the road. Time overrun on arrival at destination or late return from expected time of return are the constant worry for the owner. Fuel efficiency, deviation from pre-set route, exceeding the halt time limits set for nourishment/refreshing the driver etc are the source of constant worry. The fear of mishap always creeps up. The Drivers submit the desired report on vital parameters of the journey still the owner likes independent monitoring throughout the journey.


APNAGPS is available to set right the worries of the Owners. The APNAGPS system monitors the various activities of the vehicle throughout its journey period. The system tracks the vehicle and also the driver to provide the different sets of information required by the owner. The system assists the management/owner in formulating policies of the organization, setting different standards of performance, search for improvement in efficiency of vehicle and driver, locating avenues for cost cutting and ultimately increase the profitability.

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Live tracking

APNAGPS gives you a hawk-eye to track vehicles that are beyond your line of sight. You can see the actual position of your vehicle any where in the country..

MIS Reports

APNAGPS is a compact solution for remote vehicle tracking. It offers you an easy to use web and mobile application platform with intuitive interface and detailed & readymade MIS reports..

Accurate & Faster

APNAGPS Accurate Real Time Vehicle Tracking & Monitring of your vehicles. You will also re rereceive the SMS notications for major events..